Gila Kaplan
Graphic Design

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Yael Bartana
What If Women Ruled The World?

Visual identity for an art performance
Manchester International Festival (MIF), UK, 2017
Collaboration with Gila Kapla

At the end of his remarkable film Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick foresaw a post-apocalyptic future in which dominant alpha males would repopulate the Earth, with ten women assigned to every man. Commissioned by MIF festival, Bartana’s performance presents the opposite scenario – placing women in charge of a world in desperate need of a new vision. In a war room, a group of 10 women is confronted by some of the urgent crises of our time, as the clock ticks…

The poster series and typography system designed for this performance are inspired by the theatrical yet realistically horrifying scenario portrayed in the worlds of Kubrick and Bartana. Inspired by cold war propaganda posters, the series of posters refer to the urgent crises of our time (climate change, military escalation, mass migration).