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Uri Gershuni
Yesterday's Sun

An Artist book, Sterntal Books, 2013
Clothbound hardcover, 24x34 cm, 200 pp.

The book returns to the origins of photography to meditate upon its future.
Gershuni traveled to the home of photography’s inventor, William Henri Fox Talbot, in Lacock, England, where he photographed Talbot’s home and its environs. Gershuni transformed his digital camera into a pin-hole, producing long exposures that resulted re-capture a materiality eluded by the reproducibility’ of digital photography. Gershuni’s frames capture elements of surprise – stains of light – amongst other motifs, that resemble the remains of some invisible ghost. Interspersed amongst these grainy epitaphs are a series of nude photographs featuring a young man posing in a stark room. We know nothing about him, or of his relationship to the images that surround him, other then that he goes by the name Bambi. Regardless, there is a strong dialogue between Gershuni’s subject and the barrenness of Lacock, one that enhances the eroticism of this strangers presence.