Gila Kaplan
Graphic Design

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Noach Books

Comics books series
Tel Aviv, 2013+
Editors: Rutu Modan & Yirmi Pinkus

is a venture created by Israeli comic artists Rutu Modan and Yirmi Pinkus who previously founded the independent comic publication “Actus”. The first two books in the series are based on the comic columns: Eddie Spaghetti (1936, Navon and Goldberg) and Mr Fibber (1941, Goldberg) and published later by Fantagraphics USA. So Far the series consists of 6 comics books after stories by classic Israeli Writers. Noah Books offers the texts a current and visual interpretation; the new illustrations add a visual narrative enriching the main storyline creating a communicative flow between text and image.

The horizontal format is user-friendly for the beginner comic book reader (up to 4 panels per spread) directing the reading flow. Every book consists of 32 pages .