Gila Kaplan
Graphic Design

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Visual Identity
 for a fashion lable,
Tokio, Japan
Collaboration with Kai Von Rabenau

The exceptional quality of Aton lies in its production
development: there is an impressive effort invested
in the production and processing to achieve the best quality of fabrics possible. There is a very technical, scientific use of knowledge and skill to create a special physical experience in wearing Aton.
Consequently, the visual identity of Aton follows a minimalist, clean and determined approach. It is bold in its execution and attention to detail, but it is not loud – it is refined.
The identity relies on a minimalist usage of muted colours and sans serif typography. It also makes use of recurring key graphic elements: the photographs of folded clothes and the shape of a triangle as cut-out. These key elements represent the idea of the worlds that can be created with clothes in general, and Aton’s specific way of working with textiles in particular.